Banana Pecan French Toast


Phoenix, Az’s Original Breakfast House has a Banana Pecan French Toast that is made in a “San Francisco Style”, which is a different way of breading the French toast, covering the outside of the toast in a very light, flakey coating. This flakiness adds a nice textural element to the French toast. There are two pieces of this “San Francisco Style” French toast included with the order. The edges of the bread were a little dry, but hardly noticeable, so it did not really impact the Frenchtoasting experience too much.

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Lemon Zest Blueberry French Toast


The Lemon Zest Blueberry French Toast from Eggstacy in Scottsdale, AZ is delicious. If you want a fresh, citrusy French toast, then this is for you! Right when the plate was put down, I could smell the lemon. Besides lemon, this French toast also comes with a generous amount of blueberries, a side of whipped cream with mint and a strawberry, and maple syrup. Continue reading